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orses                       ffering                  eople                  mpowerment

At Hoof Beats 4 Change, Inc horses offer people empowerment through our various equine assisted activities including our equine assisted learning (EAL) programs and workshops that feature the research backed Building BlockTM curriculum. ( click here to learn more about the research studies on our curriculum and studies on EAL) Have more questions? Check out our FAQ or Contact Us, we'd love to hear from you.

Why Horses?


Horses don’t judge but they constantly assess. Their feedback is honest and instant. Learning to listen to what horses have to say is powerful and can spur the answer to individual change. Quite simply, the horse does the teaching; facilitators are there to offer explanation and provide guidance as the participant works through the solution. Working with horses creates memories that we can apply to our lives and retain far longer than sitting in ‘just another classroom'.

What is Equine

Assisted Learning?

To put it simply, Equine Assisted Learning is a learner based educational experience with horses. More specifically, Equine Assisted Learning is an effective approach to human development that encourages individual and team growth. Exercises are developed to encourage self confidence through validated, hands-on experiences.  Participants engage in objectively driven exercises and find themselves learning valuable life skills in a fun and exciting atmosphere while working with horses. Equine Assisted Learning  has proven to be effective, powerful, positive, educational, and creative.

Check out our Upcoming Events to see the current list of activities and programs being offered.

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You will see Equine Connection instructors in the videos provided, they give a better understanding of the value of our programs and workshops.